#1 MetaBrewSociety Community Cast

The first ever MetaBrewSociety Community Cast with KiAC5, REX[superfail], Ty and Andy.

✨ We talked about✨

🎙 Announcements

🎙 Beer Reviews

🎙 Beer Glass Give Away

🎙 NFT 101

🎙 Events, Dates

🎙 Mint

MetaBrewSociety is a NFT collection with unseen IRL utilities, providing holders with an average of 200 cans of free craft beer per year for life!
Our mission is no less than to become the leading Web3 beer brand and community. And you can be a part of it!
✨ Check us out ✨

🍺 Web: www.metabrewsociety.com

🍺 Twitter & Instagram: @metabrewsociety

🍺 Discord: https://discord.gg/rTJsTqZm

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